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Although the homeowner might spend the majority of his time in other locations, the intent to make a specific location his permanent residence is a key factor in establishing domicile. In situations involving contested domicile, several factors can be helpful.
Rue Malibran 53, Ixelles, Belgique. 1995" is het jaar van de oprichting van de Fédération de l'Aide' et des Soins à domicile met de integratie op nationaal vlak van het Wit-Gele Kruis WGK Franstalig gedeelte, de Fédération nationale Aide familiale FNAF en de Coordination nationale des Centres de Soins et Services à Domicile CCSSD.
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move/change/switch sb's/sth's' domicile Companies may choose to move their domicile to tax havens such as Bermuda. Definition of domicile from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Examples of domicile. These examples of domicile are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.
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The domicile and residence of the settlor and the beneficiaries is also relevant. In years past Mother never exhibited a scintilla of tolerance for insects, going to extreme and toxic measures to keep them from gaining entrance to her domicile.
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sans domicile 128. voyageurs domicile travail 94. domicile fixe 78. élu domicile 71. trajets domicile travail 69. violation de domicile 63. Par conséquent, nous devons surveiller son domicile. Om hem te pakken, moeten we haar huis in de gaten houden.
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The consular officer must be satisfied that the financial sponsor has not given up his/her domicile in the United States and established a domicile abroad. How can a financial sponsor establish a domicile? When a sponsor has clearly not maintained a domicile in the United States, he/she must re-establish a U.S.
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domicile third-person singular simple present domiciles, present participle domiciling, simple past and past participle domiciled. To have a domicile in a particular place. The answer depends on in which state he was domiciled at his death. Borrowed from Latin domicilium.

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